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Our Executive JD Program Allows Key Employees to Attend Law School While Remaining Part of Your Team

Earning an executive JD can groom potential leaders for C-level positions and motivate your most valuable employees to accelerate their careers at your company instead of the competitor's. 

There are two types of executive JD programs:

1. Part-time law school programs geared at executives (and therefore called "Executive JD" programs), where an actual juris doctorate degree is earned and graduates are able to sit for the bar exam and practice law; and

2. "Executive JD" degrees--degrees in name only that do not confer the abilty to sit for a bar exam or practice law.

The St. Francis JD program is in the first category--our executive JD program is geared towards mid-career professionals and a bona fide juris doctorate degree is earned upon completion of our program.

Organizations that sponsor a team member in our executive JD program receive tremendous value that quickly translates into a tangible ROI.

At St. Francis we teach critical thinking as well as real-life practical skills that have immediate application to the corporate world, meaning our students are able to apply their knowledge from day one. Compared to most law school programs that bury students in theoretical, abstract concepts, our students are taught by experienced attorneys who actually practice law every day.  In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised if you discover that one of our esteemed faculty members is a practitioner at a law firm that your organization regularly relies on for legal advice. 


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